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Employment and Services for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Disabled

Nearly 70% of working age blind Americans are unemployed. For those in that 70% that want to work, the jobs are here! Blind Power Company provides jobs for the blind as well as the connection for employees and other employers that hire the blind and disabled.

For the job seeker:

Visit our employment portal to view an up to date listing of available jobs for the blind and disabled. You can also post your resume and receive email notifications for desired jobs. Click here to register with our employment portal.

For the job provider:

Blind Power Company provides your organization with the tools to create a more divers, and inclusive workplace. Registration includes our Workplace Assessment, available in-person and virtual, access to candidate resumes and posting capabilities for employment opportunities for the blind and disabled. Click here to register with our employer portal.

Attention TVIs, O&M Specialist, social workers and other professionals and providers for the disabled please use our employment portal to search and post jobs as well.

Beyond employment. Learn more about the blind community to strengthen your company culture

Eyes Wide Open Sensitivity to Blindness Training – What do you do when you meet a blind person? This and other questions will be answered with our sensitivity to blindness training.

Out of Sight Team Building Workshop – Are you looking for a new way to define, foster, encourage a better company culture? We can design fully customizable activities for you onsite or choose from one of our packages with our community partners.

Listen, Lunch and Learn – Maximize lunch time with our blend of sensitivity to blindness training and our team building activities for a unique learning experience.


Upcoming Events 

November 1 – 3, 2024. Inclusion 2024 at Camp Dogwood, Sherrills Ford, North Carolina.

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